Ignoring pigeons

We had a little walk somewhere new last week. It was full of new sights and smells, and Bradley concentrated hard to walk nicely. We stopped off in a shoe shop to check my daughter’s school shoes still fitted (they did) and Bradley lay down and chewed his toy with out fussing. It was nice and quiet so a great opportunity to behave calmly in a shop. I wasn’t sure about the carpet though so settled him in a non-carpeted area. I’m pretty sure he thinks carpets are for weeing on so I didn’t want to take any chances with some one else’s carpet!

As a post shoe shop treat, we grabbed a coffee and planned to sit with it outside. Unfortunately there were lots of food scraps and cigarette butts on the floor around the coffee shop tables, so we sat in the town square instead. Bradley was interested in the pigeons but more interested in a bit of obedience training and treats. He managed to ignore the pigeons and chill out!