The kindness of strangers 

I needed something from Waitrose, which is in a different town so I don’t go there often. I thought it would be a good opportunity for Bradley to have a longer car ride and a walk round the supermarket.

Now for a new puppy walker, supermarkets are quite a thing because you have the potential for indoor weeing, lots of strangers trying to say hello and trying to make sure the puppy is well behaved (or at this age, nice and calm). Add into that actually buying something and you have to be on full alert and concentrating. In my haste to get him around calmly I completely forgot to get a pay and display ticket.

When I returned to my car 10 mins later, I found a note on my windscreen. It said,

“You were just about to get a ticket but I bought you one.”

Wow! What a kind gesture!

I will pass it on as kindness makes the world go round.

“You were just about to get a ticket but i bought you one”