Guide Dog Puppy Arrives: Meet Bradley!

Bradley arrived last week and has settled in with us beautifully. He is a Labrador/Golden Retriever Cross.

It has been a busy week (pun IS intended!). In the first few days, we spent it mainly cleaning up wee and having cuddles.

His favourite toys are his plastic water bottle, his bone and his home made t-shirt ragger. Our puppy Supervisor showed us some obedience with him and he has picked up ‘sit’ and ‘down’ already. Clever boy!

We are training him to go to the toilet in his relief area, on command. He understands busy busy’ and will now try every time we say it. He will also wee a lot in the house because he just can’t control that yet! I need to get better at spotting the signs and predicting when he’s likely to need to go.

Bradley has a lovely personality: patient, gentle, cheeky, clever and so willing to please. He is a joy to have around.