A Puppy Friendly Home

We want to make our home safe and secure for all our pets and the arrival of our new puppy brings the need to make a few adjustments.

To puppy-proof some areas, we need to get seriously tidied up for a start.

As I look around our kitchen-diner, I see piles of papers, shoes, ornaments at tail-wagging height, cat food bowls, an extension lead, and iPhone chargers.So definitely a bit of tidying is in order!

We need to get some safety gates.

We’ll separate the utility room from the kitchen with a stair gate so our cat can eat in peace, and add one to the bottom of the stairs. Going up and down the stairs when they are little isn’t good for puppies. I think the cat might appreciate having the first floor to herself too!

We need to make a ‘relief area’ outside for our puppy.

This should be a hard surface. Eventually our puppy will be able to toilet on demand, but that will take lots of gentle, consistent attention and encouragement.

So did we do any of that today? Nope. We did something far less sensible but infinitely more exciting – we bought puppy toys!

We wandered round our pet shop and agreed we should wait to get the advice of our puppy supervisor for many of the items. It was a little overwhelming to be honest. You would never believe the choice and decisions involved in buying a dog bowl! Metal or special plastic? Smooth or non-slip bottom? Grooved or smooth? Single or Double?

We played it safe and bought this little fella to help welcome our puppy into our home.

First Toy