Gallery of photos

Ignoring pigeons

We had a little walk somewhere new last week. It was full of new sights and smells, and Bradley concentrated hard to walk nicely. We stopped off in a shoe shop to check… Continue reading


Bradley’s socialisation training involves going to the supermarket. At first I used to carry him around but now I ask him so walk on his leash. This is a whole new ball game… Continue reading

Chasing my tail

Just that- trying to catch his tail because he can! You Tube video showing some tail chasing

Puppy meets plastic bottle

This was the day Bradley played with a green plastic bottle. I removed the top and plastic ring as these are choking hazards. He loves his plastic bottles far more than any commercially… Continue reading


This has clicked for Bradley. If you put a treat in front of him and ask him to sit and wait, he does. From the beginning, his meal times are conducted in a… Continue reading


Bradley likes to sleep! He ends up in some funny positions and doesn’t seem to mind! These are pictures from his bed in the kitchen. He has another bed (his crate) in my… Continue reading

The kindness of strangers 

I needed something from Waitrose, which is in a different town so I don’t go there often. I thought it would be a good opportunity for Bradley to have a longer car ride… Continue reading

At the hairdressers

Today my daughter went to the hairdressers for a hair cut. Bradley came along and sat on my knee. He wasn’t phased at all by the noises of hair dryers and chatting. He… Continue reading

Guide Dog Puppy Arrives: Meet Bradley!

Bradley arrived last week and has settled in with us beautifully. He is a Labrador/Golden Retriever Cross. It has been a busy week (pun IS intended!). In the first few days, we spent… Continue reading